How do I know when it’s time for my parents to seek a carer in Houston?

by Jul 21, 2022

Parents spend a majority of their adult lives focused on one thing: taking care of their children. However, as they enter their golden years, the roles are reversed. Soon, it will be time for their children to take care of them. But when you’re juggling a full-time job, managing bills, and raising your own family, caring for another person might become too much to handle.

This is where professional carers come in. Instead of sending them to nursing facilities, your parents can receive the care and assistance that they need while still living independently in their homes. So how do you start?

Here, we compiled a quick list of FAQs you can check out if you think it might be time for your family to seek carers for your retiree parents in Houston. Read on below to find out more:

When is it time to get a carer for your retiree parents here in Houston, TX?

Not a lot of parents are open to the idea of this role reversal or even having a stranger live in their home. This can cause them to be defensive and unreceptive to professional carers. However, it is imperative to have this conversation if their safety and well-being are compromised. Here are some of the signs to watch out for:

Significant changes in their weight

Whether they’re losing or gaining weight, it’s a red flag if it’s significant and unexplained. Memory impairment might get them to skip or double down on meals. Difficulty standing, bending, or reaching cupboards might make it difficult for them to prepare food.

Poor personal hygiene

This is a sign that’s a lot easier to notice. Once they’ve stopped bathing regularly or wearing clean clothes, you can immediately tell that they need assistance.

Disorganized and messy home

In relation to the previous point, an unkempt home can be an indicator of cognitive issues and a sign to get a professional carer. If you can find the remote in the bathroom or their shoes in the pantry, your retiree parents may be suffering from confusion and shouldn’t be left unattended.

Should I hire personal care or medical care for my retiree parents?

In order to find the best carer for your parents in Houston, TX, it’s important to first assess their situation and identify the specific kind of care that they need. Read up on the table below to learn more about the different kinds of home care services:

Personal Care

  • Assists in housekeeping, cooking, shopping, going to appointments, grooming, and other day to day activities
  • Provided by a home care aide under the supervision of a care manager
  • Present for as long as possible

Medical Care

  • Provides medical help such as wound care, administers medication, physical therapy, among others
  • Provided by licensed and/or certified health care professionals
  • Present for a short period of time


How can I still provide care for my retiree parents when they already have a professional carer?

Seeking help from a professional carer doesn’t mean that you no longer care about your parents. But from their perspective, that may be difficult to comprehend. So here are some things that you can do to make them feel that you’re still there for them:

Highlight the benefits of having a carer

At the end of the day, it’s all about the quality of your parents’ lives. With the help of a professional carer, they can find companionship, medical assistance, and safety even when you’re not around. Gently remind them of these benefits and highlight how the quality of their lives won’t be dependent on your presence.

Offer reassurance

Nothing says care more than reassurance. Sometimes, your retiree parents just need to be reminded that you love them.

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