Ohana Legacy Properties, LLC


Affiliate Referral Network

The Ohana Legacy Properties Affiliate Referral Network is a group of trusted partners we proudly call upon to assist in meeting the needs of our customers. As a real estate solutions provider, we encounter a wide variety of concerns, and the answer isn’t always ‘one size fits all’

As we grow our program, we will be sure that these vendors follow our core values of Pride, Ethics and Integrity. They are a powerful and proven ally that ensures our customer’s needs are met. Let us know how they do!

Trying to contact homeowners? Need the best number?

We’ve been using Best Skip Tracer and the accuracy and hit rates are the best that we’ve experienced. Their customer service is prompt, friendly and knowledgeable which directly aligns with the way that Ohana Legacy Properties likes to do business. If you are looking for the least expensive and most effective way to get in contact with homeowners to help them get rid of a problem property you have to contact Best Skip Tracer.

McCrory Remodeling

Ohana Legacy Properties has used McCrory Remodeling for several projects with great results. Nothing is too big or too small for them to handle.
They are very fast, efficient and like us they are family and locally owned.
We love working with McCrory Remodeling because they are honest, transparent, ethical and professional.

  • Remodeling homes since 2002.
  • Fast, Quality work.
  • Investor Friendly.
  • No job too small.
  • Master Carpenter.
  • Insured.
  • All estimates are Free.

Got a project? Give McCrory Remodeling a call and tell them Ohana Legacy sent you to get VIP treatment.

Top Results Consulting

In 2019, Shawn and Roger decided to join forces. Offering an unmatched service they call Top Results Consulting. Together their clients have an unfair advantage over the competition. With Shawn focusing on the message your business wants to say, Roger focused on ensuring that message shows up when your ideal client needs to see it. It’s the one two punch your competition will be left wondering what you’re doing to gain all the business in the marketplace. Online marketing, website and support.
Click on the logo to contact Top Results Consulting & tell them that we sent you to get VIP treatment!

Redwing Investments LLC

Ohana Legacy Properties has used Redwing Investments for financing several of our housing projects with great success. They are investor-friendly, local, and keep everything honest and transparent. Like Ohana Legacy Properties, they maintain high integrity in everything they do.

Give them a call and see if you are a good fit with Redwing Investments.

Let them know that Ohana Legacy Properties sent you to get their VIP treatment.

Henson’s Designs


Ohana Legacy Properties loves these professionals. You will find their work in the top level homes in the Houston area.

At Henson’s Designs they help your dreams come to life with custom blinds, shades and curtains perfect for you and your home. Their skilled professionals hand craft each window treatment to your exact specifications for the perfect fit every time…guaranteed! They offer virtually unlimited number of fabric patterns/prints and will walk you through the process step-by-step to make sure you get the one you love!

Let them know that Ohana Legacy Properties sent you to get their VIP treatment.