Ohana Legacy Properties, LLC

About Us

Ohana Legacy Properties, LLC is the most trusted local home buyer in Houston, TX

Ohana means family-no one gets left behind or forgotten. This was the basis for developing our company. Ohana Legacy Properties, LLC is a local family-owned real estate redeveloping company. We work at Ohana to support our family and help others.

Living in the Houston area for over 35 years, we truly care about helping those in our community with housing solutions where sometimes realtors can’t, such as families facing foreclosures, probates, repairs and vacant homes. We specialize in buying distressed homes, helping owners get out of bad situations, renovate those homes, and then rent them out or sell them.

We believe in win-win, honest and fair solutions. We believe in Pride, ethics and integrity in everything we do.

How we do one thing is how we do everything.

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5 star Google rating
5 star Google rating