Selling Your Houston TX Home While Going Through Divorce Isn’t That Complicated!

by Apr 18, 2022

Going through a divorce is arguably one of the most emotionally exhausting things you can go through. It’s even more difficult if you and your former spouse are arguing over your marital home. Don’t worry, one option you can look into is selling your home together.
Here’s how to sell your home while going through a divorce in Texas.

What to Know About the Divorce Law in Texas

Texas is one of the nine states in the country that falls under a “community property” state. This means that any property acquired by the couple throughout their marriage is equally owned by both parties. A home that has been purchased by the couple after their wedding day is considered a communal property, but so is a home purchased under the name of one spouse but paid for or maintained using community funds (i.e., a joint bank account, money earned via employment, revenue generated from a joint business, etc.). Of course, there are a few restrictions to this. Treating property as communal has a direct effect on divorce proceedings and the division of property. This is especially true if the couple decides to sell the home in question.

Can I Sell My House While I’m Going Through Divorce?

Yes, you can! But in order to sell a house while in divorce, both spouses need to sign the closing paperwork. This is because the proceeds from the sale of the home is also be considered to be communal property.
Once the house has been sold, the sales proceeds may be held in your attorney’s client trust account until the proceeds can be divided in the settlement or by a court.

How Can I Sell My Home?

There are two common ways you can sell a home while going through divorce.

  • Sell Through a Real Estate Agent
    You can sell through a licensed real estate agent. If you opt for this, you need to make sure both you and your former spouse agree on whom to hire. This avoids any arguments and makes the selling process smoother. If you can, hire a real estate agent who’s had prior experience in dealing with sales of communal property.
  • Sell to a Professional Home Buyer!
    If you’re busy Googling “how can I sell my house fast in Houston, TX” then there’s no need to keep searching. You can always sell your home to a cash homebuyer in Houston, TX. When you partner with a cash homebuyer company like Ohana Legacy Properties, LLC., you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the best deal possible for you home while walking away with 100% of the profits. There are no middlemen or indecisive buyers to contend with. Best of all, you get a fair offer within 24 hours, so there’s also no waiting involved.

    For instance, you start the homebuying process with Ohana Legacy Properties, LLC. at 9 in the morning. After an initial assessment done on your home, you can request for a fair, no-obligation offer on it. Before the day ends, you can expect to receive an offer on it. If you decide to accept the offer, you can then select a closing date. No need to worry about open houses or messy paperwork.

Interested In Selling to A Professional Home Buyer?

Sell your house to professional cash homebuyers like Ohana Legacy Properties, LLC. We buy houses in Texas no matter the condition or situation it is in, including homes being sold during a divorce. We can provide you with the best price for your home while closing the deal in as little time as possible.

Our home-buying process does not involve getting pre-qualified by a mortgage bank in order to obtain a home loan or listing the property on the MLS or any other listing platform. The reason our team at Ohana Legacy Properties, LLC is able to purchase properties very quickly is because we use our own money, which means the sale is more secure and we can close faster than traditional buyers.

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