Here’s Why Houston’s Real Estate Market is Still Booming this 2022

by Apr 7, 2022

Houston real estate is in high demand these days, with the average home price rising by 17% in 2021. On top of this, inventory of houses for sale has been low, creating a seller’s market in the bustling Texas city. If you have a home in Houston and are interested in selling, keep on reading for the top Houston real estate news!

Real Estate Trends in Houston, TX

The Houston real estate market is still thriving in 2022, carrying on from the highs of 2021. This is alluded to the fact that Houston saw its highest sales activity in Q4 of 2021. A low inventory of houses below the midrange led to multiple buyers scrambling for the few homes that were available. Experts see a 20-25% rise in home sales by the end of the year.
An average home sells for at least $250,000 in Houston, and this is only the beginning. Inventory is predicted to remain low throughout 2022, which will directly influence the Houston real estate market.
Currently, the hottest neighborhoods in Houston remain to be Cypress and Tomball, especially the areas near Highway 249 and 290. Homes here will likely continue to increase in the value as 2022 progresses.

Will Demand Remain the Same?

Although demand is currently strong, it’s not certain how long this will last. The federal government is expected to increase interest rates anytime soon, which will likely reduce the number of interested buyers. If you’re interested in selling your home, it’s better to do it sooner rather than later. This increase in in interest rates will likely reduce the number of homebuyers, making the market a more level playing field of sellers and buyers.
Experts are predicting that by mid- or late-2022, the Houston real estate market will transition from a seller’s market to a more balanced one.

How to Sell Your Houston, TX Home

The current conditions make it a good time for sellers in the Houston area. As a seller’s market, it’s normal for sellers to receive multiple offers and bids on a home, and it isn’t unheard of for homes to sell for more than the initial asking price. If you want to make serious bank on your home, you’ll need to sell it quickly.

  • Sell through a Real Estate Agent
    The most common way of selling a home is through a licensed real estate agent. A professional agent will be able to advertise your home strategically so you can find a suitable buyer. They will also be in charge of showing your home and handling any negotiations that may ensue.
  • Sell to a Professional Home Buyer!
    When it comes to riding the real estate wave, you need to be able to sell your home quickly while the Houston market is hot! Selling through a real estate agent can take time, which can cause you to miss out on a good selling price. If you want a fair price on your home and want to sell your house fast, your best alternative is to find a cash homebuyer in Houston, TX like Ohana Legacy Properties that can offer you the best of both worlds.

    When we buy houses, we provide fair cash offers based on our property viewing. And on top of our fair offer, our process of buying homes as-is and handling all the closing costs ensures you spend less when trying to sell your home.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to sell your home! Start looking into ways to sell your home today so you can lock in that sale before buyers disappear.

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By following these tips, you can avoid getting lowball offers and receive the best offers for your home. Unfortunately, the volatile nature of the market means that these tips aren’t always set in stone. But for a quick and convenient sale that can get you a fair offer, Ohana Legacy Properties can help.
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