Your Guide To Selling Your Katy TX Home As-Is this 2022

by Feb 15, 2022

Selling your house can be difficult. Apart from the time and effort you need to put in, you also need to shell out a quite a lot to get it all ready for sale. In order to attract as many potential buyers as possible, you’ll want to make a good impression. This means having to paint the home, spruce up the yard, and update any old furniture and fixtures.

If you’d rather not go through the trouble of repairing and renovating your home, you can always sell your Katy, TX house as-is.

How Does Selling As-Is Work?

To sell as house as-is means to sell it the way it currently is. Yes, this means you get to sell your Katy house even with damages. Under this kind of selling arrangement, the buyer understands and agree that they will be in charge of any repairs the house may need.

Things to Note When Selling Your Katy Home As-Is

When selling a home as-is, it is imperative for you to disclose any hazardous flaws or damages to the potential buyer. Under the state disclosure laws, you are legally obligated to disclose if the home has:

  • Lead paint
  • Structural issues
  • Defects in the plumbing, HVAC, or roofing
  • In a flood-prone area
  • History of infestation

If you have been found knowingly hiding these flaws from a potential buyer, you could be held liable for recovery or damages based on fraud and deceit claims.

How to Sell Your Katy, TX Home As-Is

There are several ways you can go about selling your home as-is.

Listing It on the Open Market

Listing your home on the open market is one way you can attract potential buyers. If you find the right real estate agent, you can maximize your home’s selling value. Before you can list it on the open market, you need to make sure it meets the minimum property requirements. These revolve around:

  • Safety
  • Security
  • Soundness

If your home has any major flaws, you will find it difficult to not just list your home on the open market but to find potential buyers for it as well. This is because lending companies are not inclined to provide mortgage loans for homes that will require a lot of repairs and renovations.

Sell to a Professional Home Buyer!

If your home is in need of serious repair and you’re asking yourself “how can I sell my house fast in Katy, TX,” then consider selling your house as-is to a professional cash homebuyer. When you partner with a cash homebuying company like Ohana Legacy Properties, LLC., you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the best deal possible for you home while walking away with 100% of the profits.

There are no middlemen or indecisive buyers to contend with. Best of all, you get a fair offer within 24 hours, so there’s also no waiting involved.

For instance, you start the homebuying process with Ohana Legacy Properties, LLC. at 9 in the morning. After an initial assessment done on your home, you can request for a fair, no-obligation offer on it. Before the day ends, you can expect to receive an offer on it. If you decide to accept the offer, you can then select a closing date. No need to worry about open houses or messy paperwork.

Interested In Selling to A Professional Home Buyer?

Sell your house to professional cash homebuyers like Ohana Legacy Properties, LLC. If you don’t want to think about listing your home or want to forego renovations, then partnering with us is the way to go. We can provide you with the best price for your home while closing the deal in as little time as possible.

Our home-buying process does not involve getting pre-qualified by a mortgage bank in order to obtain a home loan or listing the property on the MLS or any other listing platform. The reason our team at Ohana Legacy Properties, LLC is able to purchase properties very quickly is because we use our own money, which means the sale is more secure and we can close faster than traditional buyers. Get in touch with us here (832) 402-6181 and sell your home fast for cash today!


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