How Ohana Legacy Properties Transformed an Impossible Situation into a Solution for Senior Placement Agents

by | 24 June, 2024

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Executive Summary:

A senior military veteran faced a series of challenges with his two-story home, including the inability to manage stairs, property deterioration, and heirship disputes with estranged family members. Additionally, he lacked funds for an initial independent living community placement.
With the help of a senior placement agent referral, Ohana Legacy Properties solved these issues using probate/legal resources and a Veterans Benefits advisor. We negotiated with the senior community to delay payment until the client received his house sale proceeds, ensuring a smooth transition.

Background Information:

⦁ Client: An 82-year-old male military veteran who recently had a hip replacement. His spouse passed away eight years ago, and he needed care in an independent living community.
⦁ Challenges:
⦁ Navigating two-story stairs post-hip replacement
⦁ Property in need of repairs and maintenance
⦁ Heirship disputes between estranged family members
⦁ Lack of funds for immediate placement in a senior community

Solution Implementation:

⦁ Initial Analysis: Conduct a comprehensive property analysis to ensure the deal aligns with the needs of both the client and Ohana Legacy Properties.
⦁ Legal Assistance: Refer the client to a probate attorney to resolve heirship disputes. Despite initial setbacks, consistent family mediation helped resolve the issues within two months.
⦁ Veterans Benefits: Connect the client with a Veterans Benefits advisor to identify and secure eligible support.
⦁ Collaborate with Senior Community: Work with the senior community and placement agent to delay payment until house sale proceeds are received, ensuring a smooth transition.

Results & Metrics

⦁ Outcome:
⦁ The veteran and his family received the house sale proceeds.
⦁ The client moved into the independent living community with appropriate veteran benefits.
⦁ Heirship disputes were resolved amicably, and the family received their share of the estate.
⦁ Key Metrics:
⦁ This complicated process took longer than usual, five months to complete.
⦁ However, most Ohana Legacy Properties scenarios take less than three weeks from start to finish.

Client Testimonial:

“Everything worked out the way Ohana Legacy Properties said it would. They put in a lot of effort and supported me every step of the way.”
Key Takeaways for Senior Placement Agents:
⦁ Collaboration:
⦁ Ohana Legacy Properties can help you assist clients with complex property-related challenges by offering probate/legal resources and real estate expertise.
⦁ Our team streamlines the process, ensuring seamless transitions into senior communities.
⦁ Compassionate Support:
⦁ We treat clients like family and prioritize their needs above commissions.
⦁ Our transparent approach helps clients feel confident in their transitions.

Conclusion & Call to Action:

Senior placement can be intricate, but Ohana Legacy Properties provides compassionate and transparent support, treating clients like family. Partner with us to ensure your clients receive the best real estate solutions. Reach out today, and let’s assist your clients the Ohana way! or call us at 832-740-9788