Here’s How to Get the Best Offers For Your Houston, TX Home This 2022

by Mar 8, 2022

When trying to sell your house fast in Houston, TX, expect that not all offers are going to be ideal. The real estate market will always be filled with buyers offering lowball offers in the hopes that you’re trying to sell your house fast and are willing to accept lower deals for a fast closing. If you’re desperate to sell and prioritize a quick sale over the best offer, you might decide to choose lower offers. But depending on the market, it may be better to wait for a good offer on your property before settling for less stellar options.

While you can’t control what offers you’ll receive on the real estate market, you can try to plan ahead and strategize to get the best offers for your home.

Here are some tips on how to do this on the market.

Wait for Houston to Be a Seller’s Market

The real estate market has two seasons: the buyer’s market and the seller’s market. During a buyer’s market, there are more houses than there are buyers in the market, so the demand is low. This means buyers get their pick of the properties and sellers are likely to wait longer for an offer; when sellers receive an offer, it’s usually lower or around the list price since buyers can afford to negotiate.

During a seller’s market, there aren’t that many homes to meet the demand. As a result, buyers are competing with each other for all the available properties. In this scenario, serious buyers can’t afford to lowball as sellers can simply choose better offers.

However, keep in mind that selling during the seller’s market doesn’t guarantee a higher price. Factors like the location, condition, and features in your home can affect how many people are interested in your property.

Increase Your Home’s Value

A home in poor condition is less likely to get a good offer compared to a home in excellent condition. If you’re looking to reach your property’s fair market value, conducting repairs and making your property up to code can help. But a few upgrades that can increase your home’s value can translate to a higher value and higher chance of getting better offers on your property.

While there are a number of improvements you can do to increase the home value of your Houston, TX property, keep in mind that not all upgrades are alike. Home improvements like kitchen and bathroom upgrades and repainting the walls are cheaper renovations than adding an in-ground pool in your backyard, but the value gained in the former translates to better added value compared to the latter.

Sell Your House in December

If you want to be analytical about it and base your sale off past trends, you may want to pause any plans to list your property until December. Based on statistics gathered by real estate company HomeLight, homeowners that sell their property in December earn 13.4% more compared to those who sell in January, who usually sell around 10% less than their home’s value.

While statistics would suggest selling your home in December, this isn’t set in stone. Real estate market trends are constantly changing, so there’s no guarantee that the market will still be a seller’s market by the end of the year. And if you’re trying to sell your home in Houston, TX fast, waiting several months to list your property may not be an available option.

Sell to a Professional Home Buyer!

Because of how volatile the real estate market can be, many options aren’t a surefire way to get the best price. But if you want a fair price on your home and want to sell your house fast, your best alternative is to find a cash homebuyer in Houston, TX like Ohana Legacy Properties that can offer you the best of both worlds.

When we buy houses, we provide fair cash offers based on our property viewing. And on top of our fair offer, our process of buying homes as-is and handling all the closing costs ensures you spend less when trying to sell your home.

Contact Ohana Legacy Properties for More Info

By following these tips, you can avoid getting lowball offers and receive the best offers for your home. Unfortunately, the volatile nature of the market means that these tips aren’t always set in stone. But for a quick and convenient sale that can get you a fair offer, Ohana Legacy Properties can help.

Schedule your property viewing with Ohana Legacy Properties today and receive a fair cash offer within 72 hours.


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