Here are 5 Ways to Help Your Senior Parents Say Goodbye to Their Houston House

by | 12 October, 2022

Once you find the perfect home, you want to stay there as long as possible. That’s probably how most of our elder parents feel, but it’s not always in their best interests. How do we convince our senior parents to move out of your Houston home and to assisted living?

Parents are adults, so they do all that they can to have autonomy over their lives, and it might be hard to move them against their will. Here are some tricks you can try to convince them to move:

#1: Try to Understand Your Parents’ Resistance

You can understand what your parents are thinking and going through by listening to their reasons for resisting the idea of moving. This will give you an idea of what’s important to them, and you can then tell them what’s important to you.

Many things can affect why your parents are reluctant to move which can include fear of change, anxiety over new surroundings, leaving friends, etc. When an elderly parent doesn’t move, it might seem like they’re just being stubborn and old. According to some studies, though, the unwillingness to move has less to do with being crotchety. It’s more about how they think others view them.

#2: Don’t Treat Them Like Kids

It’s not what you say, but how you say it. Don’t be condescending when talking to your parents about moving. You should talk to your parents about moving in a way that honors them. Ask them why they don’t want to move, and you’ll see things from their perspective. Listen to their concerns and be empathetic to their situation. Let them think about it.

#3: Take Tours

You can still take your parent to a meal or an activity they enjoy even if they don’t know anyone there. Show off the social aspects of an ALF, and don’t force the issue while you’re there. Make sure you tour more than one if you can and ask your parents for their opinion. Would they prefer a bigger community or a smaller one? Would a new and modern facility fit their personality, or would a slightly older, cozier one? What was their favorite food at each location? What’s the most interesting schedule of activities and outings?

#4: Highlight the Benefits to Your Parents

Increased assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) and safety measures will give you both peace of mind. Seniors can focus on things they actually want to do instead of daily chores and hassles in assisted living. There’s no yard work, but there are gardening activities. Some apartments have kitchenettes so your senior parents can cook if they want. There’s plenty of freedom to be alone, but company is right outside their door. Focus on what your loved ones will like.

#5: Help Them in Every Aspect of Moving

Even if they agree to move, the process can still be overwhelming, more so at their age. As their child, make sure you’re there to help your parents at every step of the way — from packing to choosing whether to sell the house to an agent or to a professional Houston home buyer.

Before leaving, make sure to capture memories that your parents will associate with the old home. It’s a place of so many memories, and they would no doubt miss it while they’re in the facility or a new home. Take photos and videos, and keep a place for memorabilia that your parents can keep in their new space to look back at some good memories.

It may be better for an elderly parent to move out of the house and into an assisted living facility, but it takes patience to convince them to move. With these tips, you can convince them to move and say goodbye properly.

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