5 Ways You Can Help Your Senior Parents Move Out of Their Houston Home

by | 5 November, 2022

No one wants to see their parents grow old, but it’s an inevitable fact of life. As many adults age, they may soon find that their day-to-day tasks are becoming increasingly difficult due to motor and cognitive issues. As a result, you might find it safer and more practical if your senior parents lived with you or in an assisted living facility.

But how do you move seniors from their Houston home? This can be a delicate subject to broach, especially if your parents aren’t fully onboard with the idea. But here are some tips you can use to help make the transition smoother and more manageable for everyone involved.


Schedule a Family Meeting

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from your siblings, relatives, neighbors, and friends of your parents. If the risks of them living on their own are evident among more people, your parents may see that there is a warranted need for them to get living assistance. Avoid being aggressive about this, but try to help them see that your proposal for them to move out is coming from a place of concern.

Make your parents see that you have their best interests at heart. Many elderly adults may be hesitant about living in a retirement home because it deprives them of their independence. Others may feel like you’re abandoning them in a care home. However, if you alleviate their concerns, you can make the transition much easier moving forward.


Make the New Location Feel Like Home

Moving your parents out can be a big ask because you’re asking them to leave the home they’re familiar with. Whether you want them to move into your home or to an elderly community, you have to show that their new accommodations can feel like home.

If you’re moving them to your own house, provide them with space that can feel like theirs. Remember how, as a teen, your parents wouldn’t knock on your door and simply barge in because “My house, my rules?” This is not the time for revenge. Give them their privacy and everything they need to feel welcome in your home. Alternatively, if you’re sending them to a facility, allow them to view different options and let them have their say in which one they like best.


Help Your Parents Downsize

If your parents are the sentimental type, one of the hardest tasks they’ll have to do includes having to downsize their possessions. A good way to do this is to start small: start with the room with the least number of sentimental items. From there, they can make their way towards tougher decisions on what they should donate, gift, or throw away.

Focus on the Positives of Moving Out

It’s easy for your parents to resist moving out because they’re focused on what they’re leaving behind. To combat this, try pointing out the good sides of their new living situation. For example, they now live closer to you and their grandchildren.

In care facilities, they may enjoy no longer having to do chores. They may also have outlets to explore their interests and amenities that can help them enjoy their sunset years.


Address Their Medical Care

Moving out of their home can be done more easily if your parents see the medical benefits of transitioning to a new area. If they’re moving to a care facility, the biggest advantage is that they’ll have trained professionals dealing with their medical needs, so they don’t have to worry about setting doctor’s appointments, getting prescription refills, and trying to remember when to take their medicine.

On the other hand, moving closer to you can also provide a number of benefits. They’ll have people looking out for their medical care, so you can deal with the tasks of prescriptions, appointment settings, and more.

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